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The integration and security of IT systems is one of the major issues in this new era of remote and hybrid working. Application and data security, usability of design, development features, user interface, and user experience are only a few examples. Many users complained that it takes days, hours, or even weeks to resolve these straightforward problems. As a result, productivity and engagement suffer, and the service desk is forced to deal with a lot of labor-intensive manual remediation.
Data and application security was the focus of BinaryONE’s incorporation, and the company has successfully expanded into design, development, and other related services. We promise to deliver cutting-edge and effective services, coordinated by a team of visionary members with more than 25 years of market and cultural knowledge in the Middle East. Data security and virtualization, as well as data protection and information life cycle management, are crucial areas where our professionals excel in IT organisations and Data Centers. We have qualified engineers and consultants on staff that are accessible round-the-clock to serve our respected partners and clients and to respond to their questions.

For worldwide clients from all over the world, we recently launched enterprise-level apps and finished projects in online and application design/UI/UX work. We now work with businesses on three different continents as partners. Since 2018, we have operated out of the UAE, but more recently, we have partnered with renowned businesses in the UAE, KSA, Malaysia, Pakistan, USA, Australia, and Egypt. Our regional distribution strategy is for our cutting-edge IT consulting and services. We have dependable customers in more than 17 countries, and we are expanding quickly in more.

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One of the main problems in this new era of remote and hybrid working is security and integratiy of IT systemsm. May it be appliation and data security or ease of use of design, development functions or user interface and user experience. Many users reported that it takes days, hours, or even weeks to get these simple issues fixed and because of this, engagement and productivity suffer, and the service desk must deal with a lot of time-consuming manual remediation.
BinaryONE was incorporated as a service provider around data and application security and has successfully grown into design, development and other related servcies. We guarantee our customers to provide advance and efficient services managed by team of visionary members having more than 25+ years of experience of Middle Eastern culture and market values. Our experts have full grip on critical area of IT organizations and Data Centers such as Data protection and information life cycle management, Data security and virtualization. We are available rond the clock for our esteemed partners and clients to provide support and answer your queries, we have professional engineer and consultants who will guide you on your business needs.
We have recently rolled out enterprise level applications, completed projects in web and application design/ UI/ UX work for international clients from around the world. We have now become partners to companies in three continents. We are conducting operations from UAE since 2018, but recently we became partner of prestigious companies from UAE, KSA, Malaysia, Pakistan, USA, Australia and Egypt. We aim to offer our contemporary IT consultancy and services regionally. We have trusted clients in more than 17 countries and growning rapidly in the more countries.